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Recording studio and video production in Manchester

The Recording studio:

Our recording studio is based in Bury, Greater Manchester, and provides high quality recordings for Bands, singer-songwriters. solo artist, voice over, Film & TV. Most importantly we use the latest studio equipment with a world class touchscreen mixing console, this  includes analogue modelled fx plugins from companies like Slate digital Waves, above all giving you a professional recording studio experience. Further more all our rooms are acoustically treated, this helps to shape your sound and get the best results for you and your music. we are  situated just a short walk from the Bury Metrolink and bus station and a short drive from M66 & M60 motorways, therefore offering a local solution when searching for a music recording studio near me online. We work with musician’s and bands from many different genres, including signed and unsigned artist. Furthermore our recording engineer & producer who has over 20 years recording studio experience can help you to achieve the sound you have been looking for, and finally all working within your budget.

Video Production:

Our video production company works alongside our recording studio business and brings professional level video and audio together in one solution. We work on exciting music video productions and corporate video productions, moreover this unique way of working with both business and the arts, helps us keep us up to date. Furthermore we work with the latest 4k video and film cameras, and edit using industry standard software from companies including black magic design and Canon. In addition we offer post production & colour grading services. One of the most important parts of making a video production, whether it’s for Business, corporate or a music video for your band is the pre production, therefore we like to sit down and work with you to bring your idea’s to life. Because video is now fast becoming an important part of social media, our video production service will help you to lift your brand to the next level.

Customers reviews

I've worked with Blueroom media for three years now, excellent studio with great facilities, I can highly recommend them!
Lauren charlotte
After working with Phil at Blue room, it proves you don't have to go to the large London based studios to get a pro results.
Max George from the Wanted
Max george
Singer/songwriter ex The wanted
We have worked with Phil at Blue room since the early 2000's always a professional sound.
Great sound every time.
Alias Kid Band
alias kid
Rock band

Take the tour.

This video shows our recording studio, giving you an idea of the look and feel of the studio. The video was filmed and edited by Blue room media in full HD 1080p,

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