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Recording studio and Video production in Manchester.

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Your sound & our vision

We are Blue room media a Recording studio and Video production company based in Manchester UK. Our aim is to bring the best recording & video studios to you.
It’s a proven fact that adding a video to your website or a stunning music video to YouTube, will help to boost your audience. Most importantly getting you more noticed. 
Because of our passion for getting the best results and our commitment to producing professional work.  This is  why we would like to work with you on your next project.

Recording studio

We have a fully acoustically treated recording music studio, and it's designed with live instruments in mind. Checkout the studio here.

Video production

Video is such an important part of online advertising and social media. Why not checkout our Video production.

Song production

Because song writing is such a key part to success in the music business, so that's why we bring you our song production service.

recording Studio gallery

Take a look our recording rooms all acoustically treated and soundproofed.

Video tour

Checkout our video tour showing the studio space, a great place to record, mix your songs.

*Please make sure your YouTube playback is set to 1080p or 720p for the best quality.*

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