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The Recording studio:

The recording studio has a four room layout including a Control room, Live room, Drum room & Vocal room. All the rooms have been acoustically designed and treated for the best possible sound. The control room has a world class touchscreen mixing console running the latest recording software and effects, including Slate Virtual mix rackVerbsuite & Lexicon reverbs, virtual tube & pre amps and the world class Waves CLA 2A compressor, Abby road REDD console strip & Abby road REEL ADT artificial double tracker, used by The Beatles for that classic British sound.

We record many different types of audio from bands and solo artist to voice over and Podcasts. the studio is fully setup to handle all sessions. Our recording & mix engineer has over 20 years of experience in recording studio production, more over this wealth of knowledge comes through when you’re trying to get the final finish that professional sound engineers can bring to your songs.

At Blue room media we understand that bands like to record their songs in other studios at home or in the practise room, so we offer our mixing & mastering service to give your songs the final polish ready for radio, online streaming and social media.

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Slate virtual mix rack
Control room at Blue room media
Waves REDD console plugin
Drum room at B
Live room at Blue room media
Abby road REEL ADT plugin
Slate FG-X mastering plugin

Customers reviews

I've worked with Blueroom media for three years now, excellent studio with great facilities, I can highly recommend them!
Lauren charlotte
After working with Phil at Blue room, it proves you don't have to go to the large London based studios to get a pro results.
Max George from the Wanted
Max george
Singer/songwriter ex The wanted
We have worked with Phil at Blue room since the early 2000's always a professional sound.
Great sound every time.
Alias Kid Band
alias kid
Rock band

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